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Why Sir Walter Moving Chose to Join the NC Movers Association

Local moving is a great candidate for improvements to service quality through ethical operation.

Our goal at Sir Walter Moving is to be the preferred provider of local moving services. Through a combination of good people and great technology, we are positioned to serve the needs of our customers. Of particular importance to our operation is creating a culture that supports honest, efficient service provision. As such, we have elected to join the North Carolina Movers Association.

The household goods moving industry is highly fragmented with an estimated 7,000+ licensed companies offering moving services, both locally and long distance, in the United States. But the reality is that high fragmentation leads to competition, and in many cases results in operators that practice underhanded tactics to increase billings (hidden fees), ensure schedules are fully booked (overbooking), or that result in employees being treated poorly. These actions have created a less than stellar reputation for local movers among consumers.

Further jeopardizing the ethical delivery of local moving services is the fact that many operators are not properly licensed. In some cases moving companies skirt insurance and licensing requirements all together. Instead, they opt for a fly-by-night tactic of securing a truck, posting ads in local newspapers and public places, then operating a moving business until a customer complaint flags the illegal operation. Following the complaint, the company ceases to provide services under the brand name that received the complaint. Next the company will re-brand, print new ads, operate under the radar until another complaint surfaces, then rinse and repeat.

In Sir Walter's home state of North Carolina, the N.C. Utilities Commission is the body that governs household goods movers. The Utilities Commission is responsible for fielding applications from moving companies, checking the backgrounds of company owners, making sure proper insurance coverage is in place, and generally monitoring operations of moving companies in North Carolina. The N.C. Utilities Commission and the N.C. Movers Association are two separate entities. The N.C. Movers Association is a private group for which membership is made available to certain local movers.

As a condition of joining The North Carolina Movers Association companies must have a certificate of exemption from the North Carolina Utilities Commission that grants operating authority. Membership represents a pledge among local moving companies to operate in accordance with state laws, including pricing and billing practices, insurance coverage and other best practices. The Utilities Commission defines local moving as any move within 35 miles of the originating location.

In addition to requiring Sir Walter to have operating authority from the state of North Carolina, participation in the NC Movers Association is predicated on Sir Walter's commitment to the elimination of fraud, deceit, misrepresentation and unethical practices in the industry.

Moving is stressful enough. It represents significant change for those who are moving. The act of packing your belongings and loading them in a truck can make customers feel vulnerable, nostalgic or downright sad about a transition. We understand this dynamic well having moved many times ourselves. The last thing anyone wants is to layer in complexity stemming from a service provider that fails to meet service expectations, or worse that acts deceitfully during your local move.

The Code of Ethics that has been adopted by the NC Movers Association results in member companies pledging to be honest and fair. Sir Walter Moving is proud to carry the NC Movers Association badge because it represents our commitment to you, the customer.

Membership represents a level of integrity that we are honored to uphold and that we believe will make your transition to your new dwelling smooth. Per our comments in the opening of this article, we strongly believe that treating employees well is one of the most important facets of successfully operating a local moving business. Sir Walter Moving prioritizes its employees and desires to treat them with respect and dignity. In doing so, we believe our service quality will benefit.

The following excerpt from the NC Movers Association pledge, a pledge taken by all NC Movers Association members, speaks directly to Sir Walter Moving's treatment of employees. Our commitment to each other is " operate as responsible employers and to encourage our employees to behave honorably and responsibly as they represent our industry and firms."

We recognize fully that if our employees are happy, and that if we provide our crew a workplace in which honest, hard work is rewarded, that we will be able to uphold our pledge as a member of the NC Movers Association.

But most importantly, it will allow us to uphold our pledge to you, the customer. While we can’t serve every one of the 35.5 million Americans who move each year (trust us, we'd like to), our hope is that the Sir Walter culture of honest service provision permeates throughout our peers and that each person undergoing a local move receives top-rate service.

We are proud to be a member of the North Carolina Movers Association and we look forward to serving the Charlotte metropolitan area with professional, ethical, local moving services.